• TMC Seasons Matting System

    Stylish one piece multi-functional matting that is permanently edged to be safe and rollable for easy storage and rotations in any season.


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  • Lobby Mats

    Lobby mats of any size, washable or site cleaned, low cost or our most popular top quality Grizzly entrance mats as seen in office towers and shopping centres across the country.

  • Anti-fatigue Mats

    Increase employee performance with anti fatigue ergonomic comfort mats used in either wet or dry applications including interlocking products or individual mats.

  • Vestibule & Scrapers

    In our climate, commercial buildings should have a proper scraper mat to remove larger debris and snow in the vestibule or outdoors.

  • Safety Mats

    For all your Industrial matting needs check out our safety mat selection. We offer non slip mats for both wet and dry areas whether it is indoors or out.

  • Soft Seating Areas

    We provide stylish and functional matting and carpet tiles for soft seating areas. Contact us to explore hundreds of patterns to make your seating areas look fantastic!